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1. Oxidoreductases 1.4 Acting on the CH-NH2 group of donors 1.4.3 With oxygen as acceptor (Click here to show all synonims) D-aspartate oxidase L-amino-acid oxidase D-amino-acid oxidase amine oxidase (flavin-containing) pyridoxamine-phosphate oxidase amine oxidase (copper-containing) D-glutamate oxidase ethanolamine oxidase D Deleted entry putrescine oxidase L-glutamate oxidase cyclohexylamine oxidase protein-lysine 6-oxidase L-lysine oxidase D-glutamate(D-aspartate) oxidase L-aspartate oxidase T Transferred to D Deleted entry glycine oxidase 2. Transferases 3. Hydrolases 4. Lyases 5. Isomerases 6. Ligases

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